Since 1977

New Life was established with the need to help the starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages of Haiti. Families walked for hours through the rugged terrain in desperate need of medical care while suffering with every disease known and unknown to mankind. Now they have a new life and a new home.

New Life

A group photo of New Life Staff with the children they are helping

Our Vision

At New Life Children's Home, our desire is that each child in our care knows Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Our goal is to impart hope and a renewed vision for their future through teaching the wisdom of God's Word and equipping and preparing them through education and training to reach their potential as influential leaders in their homes, communities, and nation.

A picture of the New Life Children's Home Bus
A picture of the children in an outdoor classroom, with a child writing on the chalkboard.

New Life Children’s Home provides a home for approximately

95 children

Many children came into New Life because they were ill, abandoned, or orphaned.  Some children returned home and receive now monthly family assistance. Many of our children are in homes across the United States and Canada.  We continue to assist schools, feeding programs, and medical care as funds are available in the remote mountain villages where hunger and disease remain rampant.

At first, we rented a house in PAP and eventually purchased the mission property in the early 1980s. This property is where NEW LIFE CHILDREN’S HOME is currently located. Slowly the building projects began one step at a time. When we moved the children into the home, all we had were walls and a roof.

Today New Life Children’s Home/ Rescue Center provides a home for approximately 95 children. Many of these children have been brought to us because they were abandoned and had nowhere to go. Every child here is a miracle of God’s Love!