For the children of this island nation, some love, compassion, and a hot meal can make a change for hope.

Why Haiti?

New Life Children’s Home is an oasis of love and hope for the children of Haiti


Medical Care

The lack of basic medical care will result in 1 of every 5 children will die before age 5 in the remote areas of Haiti.

Preventative medicine can reduce these numbers. 1/3 of Haiti’s population is under the age of 14.



Malnutrition is rampant throughout Haiti. The results of poor nutrition in children under age 2 if not dealt with will result in life long medical issues.

These children with malnutrition will suffer from stomachs full of worms. It costs just pennies to de-worm a child!


Drinking Water

Unsafe drinking water is the cause of many infant deaths throughout Haiti. Waterborne diseases include Cholera, dysentery, and Typhoid. Much sickness in adults is attributed to unsafe drinking water.

Most families rely on rainwater. When there are drought periods people will use whatever source is available even if it is unsafe. Wells and cisterns can make a difference!


Help Now

Humanitarian aid has reduced the many problems Haitians suffer through every day. Haiti is 700 miles from the coast of the United States. A 2 hour flight from the U.S. can change the life of a child that lives in Haiti.

Many volunteers have served in Haiti to combat poverty. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. You can make a difference in a child’s life.

Children and families needs tackled so far


New life's outreach efforts have impacted many thousands of lives. Mobile medical clinics have impacted so many lives in vast remote areas.  Our feeding programs have saved the lives of many thousands of children. Our efforts in clean safe drinking water have impacted so many villages and peoples. The remote areas of the Pestel mountains of southwest Haiti have received much assistance to these forgotten people.